“I think it is a useful tool when teaching novices about equalizing their ears as well as the associated problems or complications…
by Mike Muhich – DAN member

…Good Program – nice presentation, good production values…
by Ken – DAN member

Excellent attention getter and enables information retention. – I would probably use it to reinforce what I already teach.I would use it with most of my entry level students…
by David Tilzer – Aqua Trax Dive & Travel Svcs

The simulation is very professionally done and the interaction with the anatomy of the ear as well as the dive profile reinforcing how often equalization is needed were informative. The conclusion reinforced the important points…
by Brent Dillabaugh – Scuba Instructor

I think this presentation will be of high benefit especially to new divers who don’t completely understand the perils of faulty equalization…
by Michael Giles – Mike’s Dive Center

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