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What Your Students Will Learn


Through Colorful And Easy-to-understand Animations & Interactive Simulations, Students Will Learn:


  • Anatomy and Physiology: In an interactive and immersive way, students can learn in detail about the body, and the different ways scuba diving and pressure affects the body and the ear.
  • Learn How to Equalize Better: Using our webcam technology to learn how to equalize better, students will become better trained at equalizing, when to equalize, and how exactly equalization techniques affect your body. Learn multiple techniques to equalize your ears along with a real or virtual instructor.
  • General Scuba Diving Physics: Understand Complex Gas Laws and How Pressure Increases Effect Your Body through interactive simulations and easy-to-understand animations.
  • Scuba Diving Tips: Learn why you should avoid use of ear plugs, not forcefully equalize, and ask any question related to scuba diving to the virtual instructor.
  • Their Virtual Scuba Certification Dives: Learn when to equalize, when to do safety stops, and rates of descent and ascent in a virtual scuba dive. Users could do their complex certification dives before they embark in real life.

How This Could Help Your Students and Your Company


  • Fun, intuitive, immersive and interactive way to teach important content, from equalization to science.
  • ncrease student confidence when diving, as all questions will be answered, and the dive will be rehearsed.
  • Save instructor time by putting the hardest training on the internet. Easy, cheap, and convenient self-learning.
  • More comprehensive scientific education for students, which will give them foresight to foresee problems and injuries before they appen.
  • Long term reduction in insurance claims through logging and scoring of users trainings.
  • Knowledge Retention due to multiple attempts and unlimited practice.


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Easy to Learn, Interactive Automations and Simulations to teach your students the science behind scuba diving and the problems that could occur.

Learn from a virtual instructor how to equalize through our webcam technology.

Virtual Dives to let your students practice your dive before it happens.

A search engine to answer your students’ questions about scuba diving in general.